There is something magnificent about the vastness of The Drakensberg that lets you look inside yourself. It does something to you as a person; a kind of cleansing that leaves you feeling fresher, invigorated, lighter and yet more grounded. As you leave The Cavern front lawn and ascend up the first peak your circulation kicks in, your heart soars and your mood is lifted by the vast open spaces. The sweat runs off you and you suddenly feel more alive, more positive, more energised and ready to embrace the beauty of being part of our group of 100 hikers (to celebrate the School’s 10th Birthday) all challenging themselves to complete the Big5Hike in aid of education in South Africa.

The Big5Hike is a personal achievement in asking for help to raise a minimum of R10,000 entrance fee, a group achievement in completing the hike with a bunch of other people and a national achievement in helping to educate under privileged rural children from the Amazizi community who can make a meaningful contribution to the future of South Africa.