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Let us stand on the top of the highest peak.
Let us shout out and make some noise so that we are heard and we
make difference to Education in South Africa


funding education

Anchor sponsors for our five peaks! The peak is theirs for the year and will feature in all our Cavern events.

Hollard Hlolela

A kind of beautiful

Hollard Insurance

The Hollard Insurance Group is South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group, established in 1980.

Although they’ve only been around for just over 30 years, the roots of the company go way back into the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was then that an insurance broker, Robert Enthoven, realised that insurance companies were not adequately meeting the needs of their corporate customers. He had an idea to start an insurance company that formed deep and long-term partnerships with corporate customers in a way that allowed them to share in the fruits of improved risk management. Out of this spirit of true partnership the Hollard Insurance Company was born.

Since the early days, Hollard has gone from strength to strength, but they’ve never forgotten our roots – long term, genuine and mutually beneficial partnerships form the core of everything that they do as an insurance group today.

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Dezzo Roofing Battleship

Battle this peak to the roof of the berg

Dezzo Roofing

Dezzo Roofing are at the forefront of manufacture and supply of lightweight steel roof trusses specifically designed and manufactured to carry concrete roof tiles, steel sheeting and fibre cement sheeting.

They have been involved in numerous projects across the country, ranging from residential houses, rural schools, social facilities, hotels, factories, army barracks’ to office buildings.

Their product range now caters for all roofing styles all the Dezzo Roofing steel components are manufactured from zinc and aluminium coated steel, this makes them stronger, lighter and more economical to use than traditional roofing system materials.

Since 2000, Dezzo Roofing has supplied over 3½ million square metres of lightweight steel trusses for projects that have been completed in South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana.

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Out in Africa Sugar Loaf

Unrestricted views over the valley below, your half way house.

Out in Africa Logo

We have three peaks left! Each one needs an anchor sponsor. For R20,000 you get to name the peak for a FULL YEAR. This means that your name appears on all event information, you can decorate and brand your peak on the event day and for a full year, the peak you sponsor will feature your name or the name of your company. Choose your peak!

sugarloaf out in africa tours 2017

ClucasGray Cold Hill

Views of the Amphitheatre including the Sentinel and Eastern Buttress.


The founding partners, Peter Clucas, Fairfax Gray, James Clucas and Paul Carter, established ClucasGray in September 2005. The vision was to create a highly personalised investment management boutique that offered bespoke portfolio management services to high net worth individuals, families and Trusts.

We have continued to build a focused product range aligned to our skillset of equity selection, asset allocation and innovation in smaller companies. The ClucasGray Equity Fund, an SA only equity fund, was established in October 2011 and the ClucasGray Equilibrium Fund, a Regulation 28 compliant fund, was established in January 2015.

We maintain our vision to grow as a privately owned investment management boutique with the objective of creating long term real wealth for our clients.

cold hill clucasgray 2017


360 degree views make it worth the climb

We are looking for a sponsor for this peak. Chat to us to find out the perks of sponsorship and how it adds value to your Brand and to our project and importantly to the lives of the children in our school.

Mooney Ford Cannibal Cavern

Awaiting your arrival with a sumptuous feast for lunch

Mooney Ford was established as a law firm over 100 years ago.  It originated in May 1902 when a partnership was formed between Edward Jeffrey Holgate and Fred Blamey.  The firm was then known as Blamey and Holgate.  Edward Gilbert Ford, a prominent attorney, joined Blamey and Holgate shortly before World War Two and became the Senior Partner.

In 1955 the firm merged with Renaud, Fellows-Smith and Mooney with whom they had a long and close association. This resulted in a name change to Mooney Ford and Partners. The firm continued under this name from 1955 to 2002 when it changed its name to the present day Mooney Ford.

Various prominent lawyers have practiced at Mooney Ford including the legendary Jack Mooney a well known sportsman and Wally Chaplin, who, in the 1960’s, was a President of the Natal Law Society and a President of the then Association of Law Societies.

Today, Mooney Ford, is made up of a number of partners practising in various specialist and general fields of law. The firm is well positioned in the Durban CBD area to offer a range of legal services to its clients

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